1. Encourage even for a small achievement
2. Fixing the goal and prescribing a Time table
3. Giving Memory tips
4. Giving importance in the class
5. Self reading method
6. Questions for practice
7. Special guidance beyond school hour
8. Seating arrangement
9. Train them in improving their LSRW Skills
10. Trace out the physical and mental problems if any
11. Create confidence level in their interest areas
12. Psychological Analysis and Problem solution
13. Guidance from his/her level
14. Be a friend to the Slow Learner
15.Alternatives to traditional home work tasks
16. Intensive Sessions
17. Supply of necessary books
18. Reading Techniques
19. Audio-visual Aids
20. Interact with parents
21. Adjust your expectations
22. Analyse the students’ performance
23. Conduct Group Discussions
24. Suitable Curriculum
25. Create safe Environment
26. Don’t forget to teach the Basics
27. Conduct Bridge Courses if necessary
28. Don’t separate
29. Treat with Empathy
30. Enhance Curiosity in students