Checklist For A Typical Teaching Day

A quick glance at checklist each morning by the teacher can help her overcome routine irregularities; as a result, she can be more organised & disciplined in her daily chores. A generalised checklist consists of essential things or material which teacher requires in her daily teaching .I have listed below some of the general things which would be a reminder to the teacher in her daily teaching activities.


The timetable is the foremost thing on my teacher’s checklist. This little piece is very important for any teacher. The timetable is almost like a teacher’s itinerary for an entire academic year. Needless to mention that first thing in the morning which each teacher does is to have a look at their timetable. Therefore, it is necessary to always have a handy timetable in your bag. A timetable not only helps you to schedule your work for the entire day but also to cruise through it smoothly.

Attendance sheet/Register

Beginning exercise which each teacher is advised to is to take attendance of the students present in the class. That is why I have included it in my teacher’s checklist. It is essential for a teacher to carry the attendance sheet with her. Although we teachers don’t really need a reminder to carry this particular object along. But including it in the checklist ensures that we have one less thing to worry about. Make it a part of your checklist and free your mind for other more important things.

The Right Subject Material

You really don’t want to enter a science class with a math textbook. Thus the reason to include the right subject material in the teacher’s checklist. Also, it will be a reminder for you to actually carry it to your classroom. Let’s accept it, we all have faced that situation where we have forgotten to carry the subject textbook and then had to walk back to get it. Therefore including it in the checklist is not a bad idea.

Student Copies

What if you as a teacher forget to carry the student copies of test sheets or homework sheets which are to be distributed essentially next day, it would disturb entire schedule for the activity. If this point is included in teacher’s checklist then planned activity can be run smoothly.

Activity supplies and props

ll those rare fun activities which teacher wants to conduct in the class generally involves some or the other kinds of props and accessories. At times it would be the teacher who will be responsible to carry all these to the class other than students. It’s always a brilliant idea to include it in the teacher’s checklist so as to avoid any kind of guilt feeling in future.

Rewards or gifts

As much as students are excited to receive the gifts from teachers, equally teachers are enthusiastic to give the gifts to students, but in routine chores,+ it is likely for the teacher to forget them. If included in the teacher checklist then she can carry them along on the scheduled day and bring smiles to the deserving. After- all rewards are important to motivate students to perform better.

First Aid kit

First aid kit is usually available in each class provided by the school to ensure anytime safety to students as well as teachers. If a teacher includes it in her checklist to keep a check on the availability of first aid box in each class as well as all things in it are in sufficient quantity then it would be readily available in time of need and avoid any kind of stress.

Teacher’s stationery

Chalks, marker pen, red pen, ruler, duster, stopwatch, calculator, maps, pictures etc. are essential routine stationery which is required by teacher for every classroom session. Apart from these in case of use of technological instruments by teacher like CD’s, DVD’s ,tablets etc. then she should make sure to carry all of them in her bag to teach students.

Positive attitude

This point alone is suffice to outweigh all other points as without a positive approach no teacher will ever be successful. Her mental makeup is of utmost importance as her behaviour, attitude, and communication skills leave a great impression on students learning ability. If a teacher is dull, boring and least interested to motivate and teach students then it’s likely that her students will dislike& mock her. By her positive attitude, she can win the hearts of difficult students as well.

Carry a Rule list

Each teacher is different from other in her teaching methodologies, discipline, rules and regulations which she expects from her students. It is always favourable for a teacher to carry her rule list, which can be hanged on main wall of the class, where it can be easily read by each student. By doing this each session would be carried out in more disciplined & composed way. This would be beneficial both for students as well as teacher.

Always be well dressed

Every teacher should make sure that she is neatly and well- dressed each day. Her wardrobe reflects her professional status and a well-dressed teacher always has large student fan following.
Either it is beginning of a new academic year or mid-session or a school re-opening after summer breaks these generalised tips would always help each teacher have a good start at any time of the year. Teachers, mentors if you have any more handy tips in your kitty please share with us so as to help the world around overcome any teaching blues.