Slow learners are those pupils who have limited ability due to different reason in the education process.
There are different reasons for slow learning, sometimes it is due to their mental ability, sometimes it due to their background, illiterate parents, culture problems, avoiding by the parents in early childhood, between ages 2 to 6 years. Some time it due to mental illness. These are different causes of the slow learner.
The purpose of this assignment is to determine the problems of the slow learners and the methods of education, How to teach them, so they can be the better person of the society.

To identify the causes of slow learning

Emotional growth
Growth and opportunities of Learning
Defective Vision
Resource Problem
Illiterate Parents
Untrained Teacher
Class Size
Busy parent or no time for children
Violence in School
Family Size
Health Problem
Deprived Culture
Inadequate Teaching Staff
Poor Leadership
Teaching Method
Course Material
Transfer of Teachers
Fear Complex
Psychological Problems
Medium of Instruction
Communication Problem
Deprived cultured
Illness that cause slow learning
• Alexia
• Dyslexia
• Strephosymbolia
• Other Inherited parents