Choosing books at the right reading level helps children improve their literacy skills and they learn to enjoy reading. We often struggle to pick a book that’s age-appropriate as well as content appropriate for our child.

Let’s find out how to pick the right book for your child

How to Pick a Book That’s a ‘Good Fit’ for Your Child

Today, we bring you easy tips to help you pick the “Good Fit” book for your child

Look for books that match the child’s reading level
The age group is usually mentioned at the back or side of the book. Be sure to note it before purchasing the book for your child.

Do a five-word vocabulary test
Let your child read a page. If she finds at least five words that are difficult for her to read, then the book is too challenging for her.

Do a quick comprehension test
Let your child read a passage randomly from the book and see if she understands what she has read. If comprehension is good, then it is the right book to pick.

Determine the purpose
Try to understand the purpose of choosing the book. Will your child be reading for pleasure or to gain specific information? Will it be a read-aloud book or one read silently?

Keep the interest of the child in mind
You can get to know of your child’s interest in the book by looking at the front and back covers and flipping through the pages. The blurb at the back, if any, is also helpful.

Read a little yourself or ask others
If you are uncertain about whether the content is appropriate for your child’s age, skim read a few pages yourself to see. You can also ask other parents whose children are in the same age bracket. Furthermore, the internet is full of information regarding the age relevance of the content of books.

Sometimes, children want to read a book that is at a higher instruction level. In such a case, do not discourage the child, by denying her the book. Read aloud to your child or read a few chapters and let the child read the rest. A little encouragement and support go a long way in enabling children to become advanced readers.

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