There is a different method of teaching for the reading problem, how to teach to a group or class of students.
The teacher should use Charts to teach Words to E.S.N students.
Teacher can also use Memory flash cards,
Reading with meaning is a good method with which child easily understand and remember it.
Reading stories, collecting magazines, newspapers and discuss them in the classroom
Pictures on wall with the stories can also help slow learner to remember and understand a word
Reading readiness workbook
Through activities, reading activates can also help in reading process
Visual activities include TV and computer can help
finding missing parts
Memory games
Reading for information
Computer games, the best method for teaching reading process. These interactive games not only help slow learner in their reading process but it also helps to increase their quick decision-making ability.
Reading Material:
Reading material should be selected keeping in view the interest of the student in mind. Chose difficulty level from easy to difficult approach (age wise)
Teaching Spelling,
Spelling is very necessary for slow learner because it helps to form a word, a good speller well always be a good reader and writer, therefore teacher should give attention to teaching spelling to the students.
The teacher should write a word on the board and ask the student to write it in the air, teach them the spelling in parts, so they know the sound of the word.
Competition of spelling between the students,
Check recheck method
Weekly test for spelling,
spelling games on computer, typing tutor game on the computer