If it is identified that a child is a slow learner, proper evaluation should be done to identify the weakness of the child, the following method can be utilized for the evaluation purpose.


* Intelligence test
* Individuals intelligence test
* Group test
* Attainment test
* Vocabulary test
* Test of Visual Perception
* Spelling Test
* Personality test
* Children Behaviour Questionnaire
* Diagnostic test in reading and arithmetic
* Assessments of level of vocabulary, verbal abilities
* Attitude and Interest
After evaluation and identification of slow learner, the questions arise. How to handle these types of children in a school environment?
How to teach them? What type of class do they need?

Language Development Problem

Slow learner show the sign of slow learning in very begging during infancy, when child try to talk, parents should carefully observe the child and if they find that child is not able to talk they should contact doctor to find the reason, because early diagnosis in the initial 2-6 years good for the betterment of the child and step could be taken to improve the mental condition of the child, through medical care or psychological. The sign of language development problem in initial age is;

Speech defect: speech problem child will be not able to pronounce correct word,
Vocabulary limited: child will use Limited word for expression
Short sentences
Some children will not understand some words

How to improve the language development problem of the child in school level

· Teacher should pronounce the word clearly for the student and ask the student to repeat the word
· Teacher should use visual aid, it would help the student to understand it easily and memories it for a long time
· Teacher should use flash cards for teaching Difficult words
· Use of memory cards and memory games
· Classroom Discussion
· Stories-telling should be encouraged in class
· Dramatic activities
· Oral question and answer and understand them
· The ability to recognize Different pictures
· Listening and understanding skills should be developed
Reading with meaning