Teaching writing require reading, understanding and spelling capabilities, if a student is good in these, he can learn writing easily, following are the few method which could be used for teaching of writing;
Encourage their writing, ignore their mistake in early stages
In early stages, students write short sentences and grammatically incorrect sentences
Involve student in writing small stories
engage the student in form filling, letter writing and Telegram according to their age
Involve students in form filling, diaries writing
Computer base writing games, where short answer are required for playing games.
Writing in school magazine, newspaper etc
At later time attention to the grammar, punctuation and full stop.
Social education
Social education is also very necessary for the slow learner; teacher and parent should give full attention to the social education of E.S.N. how to cross the road, how to reach home and another small thing that could help him in the day to day life. It is not only the responsibility of a teacher to teach these things to slow learner but it is also the responsibility of parents too.
Teacher and parents should also involve other people to help these students e.g.
Psychologist of the school
School doctor/nurse
Other social agencies