A. Compensatory Teaching

Compensatory teaching is an instructional approach that alters the presentation of content to circumvent a student’s fundamental weakness or deficiency. Compensatory teaching recognizes content, transmits through alternate modalities (pictures versus words)and supplements it with additional learning resources and activities (learning centers and simulations, group discussions and co-operative learning). This may involve modifying an instructional technique by including a visual representation of content, by using more flexible instructional presentations (films, pictures, illustrations) or by shifting to alternate instructional formats (self-paced texts, simulations, experience-oriented workbooks).

B. Remedial Teaching

This is an alternate approach for the regular classroom teacher in instructing the slow learner.Remedial teaching is the use of activities, techniques and practices to eliminate weaknesses or deficiencies that the slow learner is known to have. For example deficiencies in basic math skills are reduced or eliminated by re-teaching the content that was not learned earlier. The instructional environment does not change as in the compensatory approach. Conventional instructional techniques such as drill and practice might be employed.