OptinChat is an AI chat module through which you can collect the Email ID, Name, and Phone number. It is one of the most advanced tools to Capture the Emai Id as it interacts with the visitor and converts the visitor into the subscriber.
OptinChat is Co-Founded by Deepak Kanakaraju from Digitaldeepak.com. You can get it know through this Video of Deepak Kanakaraju.

Converting visitors into subscribers is one of the most important tasks for a blogger or publisher. Because increasing the email subscriber base is one of the best ways to build an audience.

There are other ways to build an audience such as Social media followers, notification subscribers and so on. But nothing beats the engagement and personalization of emails.

Many tools can convert visitors into email subscribers. One of the most commonly used methods is the lightbox popup that blocks the screen. The popups are sometimes triggered with a time delay and sometimes triggered on an exit when the mouse cursor moves out of the window.

However, lightbox popups have lost their novelty. It is still a form, but instead of being hosted on a page, is accommodated in a modal which hovers on top of the existing page. Email ID collection hasn’t evolved for quite some time. It has always been “form” in one form or the other.
OptinChat collects information through an automated chat instead of boring forms. It pops up in the bottom right corner of the screen without blocking a huge portion of the website. And it interacts with the user in a very engaging way.
OptinChat has given more conversions than any other tool tried so far as informed by the co-founder.

There are many reasons to use OptinChat like it gives high conversion ratio (Approx 12% to 20%). Before writing this review I used this tools for more than 3 months.
Here are some points through which you will know why to use OptinChat.
• High Conversion Ratio – (Approx 12% to 20%).
• Real Time Integration and Data Storage.
• All assets delivered from CDN network for high load speed.
• Funnel Visualization.
• Works on all type of Device.

OptinChat delivers many features in its free and double in paid plan. Let’s see some pro features
• Email Marketing Integrations
• Gmail Notification Messages
• Campaigns for Each Page
• Color Customizations
• ExitChat
• OptinShare
• Visitor Messages (coming soon!)
• And more new features coming soon that will be added automatically.

It supports Google Sheets, Zapier, AWeber, MailChimp and many other Email Campaign Tools. I have integrated with Google Sheets and anyone Subscribe it through Optinchat then at that point only Data saved in my GoogleSheets. This helps me to connect with the Subscribe more fast and easily.

Reasons for signing up to OptinChat.com!

I am excited to update you on use of OptinChat to interact with your website visitors.

If you need help in deployment, check the following resources:
• Video: How to configure OptinChat
• Video: How to Install OptinChat on WordPress Blogs (with WordPress Plugin)

OptinChat is designed to be non-intrusive to users like light-box popups and at the same time get you high conversion ratios from visitors to email subscribers.

It has also made a Facebook Group for users of OptinChat. You can join there for any questions related to OptinChat and also discover the best practices for using OptinChat.

Integrate with Email Marketing Tool or CRM:

When you collect emails on your website, you should respond to your users asap.

In such cases, integrating the emails that you collect with a CRM or email marketing tool is very important. We have built integration capabilities into OptinChat so that you can pass the data to any tool you want with ease and automation.

It has the following integrations available for all accounts:
• Integrate with Google Sheets
• Integrate with Zapier and any email marketing tool
Direct Integrations can be done with Aweber, MailChimp, Mailerlite, GetResponse, ConvertKit and Drip. If your email marketing tool is not listed here, let us know.

Page Load Speed and SEO:

When OptinChat was built it was kept in mind that it loaded as fast as possible and did not affect page load speed or SEO.

OptinChat’s assets such as the profile image and other elements load from a CDN server – which means that you have the lowest latency and fastest load speed. It is not loading from a static server which is located at one corner of the globe.

If someone from US visits your website, the assets load from a US server. If someone from India visits your website, the files load from the nearest server such as Mumbai! It went to great lengths to make sure that OptinChat scales with your website traffic.

It’s also made sure that it complies with the search engines so that it doesn’t affect your SEO. In fact, it has seen bounce rates reduce because of interaction with visitors and low bounce rate is good for SEO. You might even see your search traffic go up after deploying OptinChat!